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RSW Industries "Portable Target Stand System"

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I’ve put about three thousand rounds of ammo on the 12” AR500 I bought from you.  Ammo .38 Spl thru .44 Mag.  A little spray paint and it looks new. This target is fantastic.  Instant feedback and not chasing pop cans and coffee cans on the range.  The service was also fantastic as from the time of the order to till delivery was ten days or less.  Also the price of your product is fantastic for the quality.  I’ve recommended your product to people at our public range.  Thanks again and good luck in future business.


RSW Industries has made the most portable, user-friendly target stand on the market today!  Accessories galore!  This stand can adapt to a whole new shooting experience in less than two minutes.  Standard target stand is a two-piece frame that breaks down in the center with a quick-latch lock pin, and each half has an collapsible leg pinned via bolt/wingnut hardware, and can hold two targets.  I have the extension frame which assembles between the original two halves with another quick-latch lock pin giving you the ability to hang a third target.  They also make top rack accessories that allow you to attach fur strips to mount torso targets, and a flat shelf for cans, golf tees, or just about anything else you can think of to shoot! 

These guys were so innovative in this design you can tell they are fellow gun enthusiasts at heart!  The quality and craftsmanship are second to none in this All-American made product.  I have put several hundred rounds onto my targets from calibers ranging from 22LR, .380 ACP, 9MM, .223/.556 NATO, and 7.62 x 39MM without a single hiccup on any component of the system.  A fresh coat of spray paint and the targets look brand new.  The RSW design makes target practice accessible just about anywhere it is lawful and responsible to shoot a gun.  This stand has turned my wife onto target shooting and fully intend to teach the kids basic shooting skills in just a few years!  A great product from a great company – Thanks Guys!  A+++++ - Dave G. from Pennsylvania



I have the UCP ultimate combo package which has all the available options. It's easy to transport, quick to set up and take down and gets you shooting quickly. Nice products and options. - Brad N. from California



It is not often that I write a company to compliment a product they produce, but it is most appropriate in this case. I am writing about your portable target (gong) target hanger.  I am a disabled Vietnam Vet and it is hard for me to make use of the various gun clubs to check my rifle sight ins. With your product, I can use it whenever I need to and use, what safety targets I want.  It is easy to assemble, carry, set up ,sturdy and breaks down easy.  As long as I have a safe backstop, I can shoot what ever distance I want, and see the bullets performances at various yardages.  I was never able to do that before.  You can hang various steel gongs to make the bells ring. Put paper targets up for the sight in. Put up clays, etc.

The unit comes together easily and comes apart the same way!  Easy to store for transport and does not need any tools for set up. If you trust your neighbor with such a great piece of merchandise, let him/her borrow it!  They have to promise to buy one!  New accessories are coming out and that will help you tune your shooting eye!  P.S.  Made in America! THANKS!! - Medic USAF 1966-1969, Doug F. from Pennsylvania



This is my second order for this portable target stand.  I love it!  VERY well made, VERY easy to put together, great customer service, VERY durable, and this won't be my last order with this company either! - Paul D. from Allentown, Pennsylvania



In July I ordered the A36 mild steel targets, along with the peel-and-stick bullseye stickers.  I got the steel targets in just a few days, but had to wait a few weeks for the bullseye stickers, as they were out of stock.  When I did receive the bullseye stickers, the Company sent me a free AR 375 S12 AR500 steel target, along with the peel-and-stick bullseye stickers to thank me for my patience. 

I was amazed, not only at the quality of the targets in being what they are advertised as, but the fact that this Company actually showed their “thanks” for my having to wait by throwing in a free target and stickers.  Not something one sees much of anymore in today’s world. A very quality product, and I’ve shot at lots of different stationary targets in my time. - Randy B. from Abilene, Texas


I'm very happy with your product. - John from Pennsylvania


The ease of use of this target is impressive.  It also has the ability to change to various scenarios is why this is the one target or should I say only target that you would need. - Robert M. from Erie, Pennsylvania


In July I purchased the Portable Target Stand with 2 steel plates.  Have had a blast (no pun intended) shooting at it. Very easy to transport, set up, break down and transport back home.  Product was received in just a few days after ordering it. Outstanding customer service. These guys really want your business.  If there are are problems or issues they will take care of it immediately. I would highly recommend them. In fact, I just did a few hours ago to a buddy that I was talking to. - Tom S. from Bonita Springs, Florida





Consumer Product Warning

RSW assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product. “You” are responsible for the safe use of these target products. Assure you are shooting at a safe distance, in an access restricted area which will protect you, others, animals and property from ricocheting rounds. This caution cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. It is understood by the user that common sense and appropriate cautions are factors that cannot be built into these products and can only be exercised by the user.